CourseMaker Markdown Subset

There are two types of markdown fields you will come across in CourseMaker:

Type 1: Extensive

This are the markdown fields for populating lectures. You will find them in school -> courses -> curriculum. Then if you edit a given lecture you will see that there is a "markdown" lecture type.

Lecture Markdown

  • You can use the KaTex syntax to define Math
  • You can use 3 backticks with the language to create language syntax highlighting.

Code Examples

Writing this in your markdown... ```javascript const myFunction = () => 'Hello, World!' ```

const myFunction = () => 'Hello, World!'

or writing this in your markdown... ```python def my_function(): return 'Hello, World!' ```

def my_function():
return 'Hello, World!'

coming soon: charts via mermaid.js

Type 2: Restricted

This is what you will find for course (and school on the standard plan and above) landing pages.

Standard markdown, but images are currently not supported.

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