How CourseMaker handles Sales Tax and VAT

CourseMaker Now Support Sales Tax and VAT Auto-Remittance

Via our Paddle integration we are able to offer tax auto-remittance for:

  • US Sales Tax
  • EU VAT
  • UK VAT
  • Indian GST
  • Australian GST
  • Canadian GST
  • Japanese GST

Whenever your students purchase your online course, Paddle acts as the merchant of record and deducts and remits any value added tax or sales tax owed on your behalf.

And basically any other country you can think of. No additional monthly fees with a third party service. No accountant required. It just happens for you.

With this integration, there is no need to register for VAT MOSS, or figure out how the one-stop shop works for you, or puzzle over the Brexit outcome. No more wondering if you collected the right evidence (IP address, billing address etc.)

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